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Mother-Daughter Circle Activity Guide Launched Today

The Girls Circle Association has launched its brand new Mother-Daugther Circle Activity Guide today for mothers and female caregivers and their daughters. We are very excited to be launching this new guide and hopeful that many mothers and daugthers will come together in circle to get at the “Heart of the Matter.”


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Girls Circle Training in New Brunswick, Canada

Kitty Tyrol trained in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada this week and enjoyed working with our Canadian neighbors! And the Girls Circle Association is working with the Elizabeth Fry Society in Vancouver and Toronto to expand GC Training offerings in their country.

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What is Girls Circle?

Girls Circle is a model of One Circle Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization and a Project of the Tides Center, based in Northern California. The research-based model, Girls Circle, is a gender responsive support group for girls, between the ages of 9-18, currently being utilized around the world. This strengths-based, skill building approach creates a safe space for girls to maintain authentic and healthy connections with peers and adults. The model empowers girls to address interpersonal concerns, discuss risky behaviors, build on protective factors, and develop relationship skills and strategies in a format that interests and engages girls. By providing organizations and communities with comprehensive program training, materials and activities, the needs and unique challenges that all girls face are addressed.

Today, more than 5,000 participants and over 1,600 organizations including non-profit agencies, government and state supported programs, institutions, and systems that work with adolescent girls use the program. The Girls Circle Model is endorsed by the U.S. Dept of Justice as a “promising approach” and is recommended in their Model Programs Guide.

The Girls Circle Model was founded in 1994 and is based in Northern California. Founders, Giovanna Taormina and Beth Hossfeld, MFT both have extensive experience and expertise in the development and implementation of program services for girls and academic backgrounds in organizational behavior, marriage, family and childhood therapy. Both have been published and are nationally recognized for their work with girls.

One Circle Foundation has also launched The Council for Boys and Young Men, found at, a strengths-based group approach to promote boys’ and young men’s safe, strong and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years.

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Welcome to Girls Circle

Girls Circle is all about connection, and we hope you will stay connected or become connected to Girls Circle. Friends, facilitators, girls, parents, teachers, community members, decision – makers – your voice matters in making a difference for girls worldwide. Tell us how your Girls Circle group is going, or what you’re doing with your group for an opening ritual.

Ask us how to respond to a challenge girls are having in your community. Share your stories, questions, or concerns. Exchange info about opportunities for funding programs. This community has a LOT to share about girls’ strengths, needs, stories, and opportunities.

If you are just getting acquainted with Girls Circle, stay awhile and tell us about you. Girls Circle is a model of strengths-based support circles for girls, ages 9 – 18. These circles are happening all over the U.S., Canada, Peru, England, Australia, Lithuania, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and beyond. Girls Circle honors girls’ natural strengths in connection, and builds upon safe connections to empower girls to find wise and safe ways to be in relationship with others and to pursue their dreams with all of their talents, gifts, and knowledge.

Girls Circles are for every girl.

Join us.

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