What does Girl Power Really Mean?

June 25, 2009 at 7:02 am Leave a comment

Author Rachel Simmons is right on in her article in the Huffington Post of 6.25.09: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rachel-simmons/what-kind-of-girl-power-i_b_220538.html.

While girls can learn how to find power through a variety of methods, their real power lies not in knowing how to intimidate or dish out verbal punches but rather, in speaking truthfully, listening carefully, and connecting with other girls/young women and allies to address their needs and resolve issues in direct and respectful conversation.

Often that power is supported by a community of peers, or through collective voices engaged toward justice or standing up for one self. We have seen some of the most intimidating or angry girls become the greatest champions of justice and the leaders of caring, relational communities. Girls who often say they don’t trust other girls have realized the problem isn’t girls, it is a lack of safe and respectful environments where girls can learn to tell the truth to each other and listen to other’s experiences.

Girls Circle honors girls’ real strengths and wisdom and encourages girls’ power to be fully present, in respect and nonjudgment. Facilitators often share that these groups remind them as women to walk that talk too.  That has certainly been my own experience.

Thank you for joining with us to create these safe, respectful and powerful environments that engage girls’ best capacities: http://www.girlscircle.com.~Beth


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