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August 20, 2009 at 6:21 pm Leave a comment

Dearest Facilitators – Here’s a wonderful site to add to your bag of tricks when looking for activities for your groups.   What I like best about this website is that it gets teenagers involved to make a difference in their communities, schools, sports team, congregation, family or with their Girls Circle or Council group!  We know from the resiliency studies what the protective factors are that help our youth be resilient:  1) a caring supportive adult; 2) high expectations; and 3) MEANINGFUL PARTICIPATION.

Check out This site’s purpose gets right at meaningful participation.  It’s a fab site where teens  can find a CAUSE  that they care about, learn more about it, and take action – individually or collectively.   There are a range of causes to get involved in – animal welfare, violence and bullying, human rights, war and peace, the environment , and more.

HERE’S MY IDEA:   This is a perfect activity for your Girls Circle or Council for Boys and Young Men !   Plan to share this website info, and as a group, have a discussion about all the different causes that are worth getting involved in.  “Light the Fire” and let them decide collectively which cause fires them up enough to do something.   Have them plan time in group on how, when, and where they’re going to take action.  There is even a page where you can apply for “after school grants” or “do something grants” – check it out!

I’ve always believed that getting teenagers involved in something that will help others is one of the best ways to get their attention off their own worries, troubles, depression, and feelings of isolation.  In addition, we’re offering that one powerful protective factor – “meaningful participation” –  that makes them feel that YES WE CAN DO IT (borrowing from Obama…)  So, give them a voice to do so.  They are a significant part of the change we all hope for.

Now, I have to give a shout out to Amy Jussel, Founder and E.D. of “Shaping Youth” because that is where I found the Do Something site!   Amy’s site is a blog forum about the media and marketing’s influence on kids (an endless topic…)    More meaningful discussions happening there too!   ~Giovanna


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