On Miracles of Babies, and on Deep Criminal Justice System Flaws and Paradox

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This past Friday my sister gave birth to a little girl. I arrived to see her just after her first bath and before she was swaddled and knit capped.  OMG how beautiful!

What a miracle it is to see this new baby girl.  She had me thinking about every new baby  arriving this week on the planet.

What will be in store for each one?  What steps are we taking now to create safe and healthy homes and neighborhoods, nutrition, water, medical care, relationships, education, economic sufficiency, and opportunity for them?

A FANTASTIC magazine named World Pulse out of Portland, OR, is covering these questions through the eyes of the world’s women and girls.
You have to see their Summer/Fall 2009 issue, and check out their website at http://www.WorldPulse.com <http://www.worldpulse.com/>
They also have a worldwide internet chat space, PulseWire, that you can join.  Photos and stories and voices speak to the power that we have to empower girls and women with education and micro loans and leadership to impact health conditions and step up into an economic livelihood that KEEPS GIRLS’ OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES safe and vital.  The most desperate communities sell girls off for survival money, and these girls are abused, voiceless, and trapped in a hellish life. Many excellent ideas and projects underway are changing the course of these events!

I dreamed last night about Jaycee Lee Dugard, the young woman who’d been kidnapped in northern California at age 11, then discovered on the bay area the other day after 18 years. I dreamed that I was with her and her two children, all having been abused by this sex offender.  I was hugging them and welcoming them and telling them that people all over the world are so grateful for their return and freedom from that situation, that we are all deeply saddened for their traumas, and that we support them in the difficult journey to health. We are resiliency believers!

A GREAT SHOUT OUT to the UC Berkeley Campus Police Officers, Lisa Campbell and Alison Jacobs, for using their intuition and authority to act on their concern about the children accompanying Garrido.  Their bravery and awesomeness is the reason that Jaycee and her children are freed. See these great women at: http://www.examiner.com/x-12837-US-Headlines-Examiner~y2009m8d30-How-Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-was-found-UC-Berkeley-Police-describe-Dugards-children-Starlite-and-Angel

How is it that this multiple times sex offender has been out in the community and our criminal justice system has failed so deeply to scrutinize his home and activities? And how is it that meanwhile, a  about the same time that Jaycee was kidnapped, another young woman in southern California named Sara Kruzan was 11 and was seduced by an adult male who saw her vulnerability and coaxed and coached her gradually into prostitution, first by lavishing gifts upon her, then by “teaching” her about sex and what men want, and finally by pimping her out.  At thirteen years old, Sara killed this pimp and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Would you not consider this act an act of self-defense? See Sara’s Story short video at: http://www.fairsentencingforyouth.org <http://www.fairsentencingforyouth.org/>

So the creepy horrendous adult male sex offender is out multiple times, and his activities profoundly inadequately supervised, but the young 13 year old girl abused and pimped out has been in prison since age 14 with no chance for a life beyond bars?
HELLO!!!!   Let’s fix this mess. We can take action in CA by finding out about SB399 and calling our legislators.

Thanks for listening, what are your thoughts on these topics?

~Beth Hossfeld
Associate Director of the Girls Circle Association (soon to be One Circle Foundation)


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