Sexually Charged Pop Culture Permeates an Ever-Younger Demographic – Part One

May 14, 2010 at 3:22 am 2 comments

I’m willing to bet that the majority of our Girls Circle community has been saddened at some point by sexed-up portrayals of young girls – whether found in images of beauty pageants, “Bratz” dolls, or Miley Cyrus videos.  (Check out our post on Miley Cyrus’s Teen Choice Awards performance.)

It seems to be getting worse, but after watching this latest video, I have to wonder, how long can this go on?

Watch seven-year-old girls dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at the U.S. World of Dance competition:

I found this video on Huffington Post under the header, “Young Girls CRUSH Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies'” and was… well, appalled. I read many of the comments to this video on Huffpost and while the majority are disturbed by it, many feel that we should all just “relax!” One commenter writes, “Oh come on people lighten up. If YOU think this is sexualizing young girls, then that’s on YOU, because for the little girls (and their parents) it is as innocent as ballet.”

I like that mindset. It’s nice to watch the dance through that lens. No shock, no concern, just celebrating the talent of five young girls who are obviously having a great time. A part of me wants to embrace that thinking.

There’s no question that if adult women performed this same dance in these same costumes it would be seen as very sexual. But people who would agree with the commenter above would say that it isn’t how we as adults view the dance that is important; it’s how the girls who are performing are affected by it. There could be debate on this alone – for example some worry about the actions of sexual predators – but for the sake of simplification, let’s assume this is true.

So do these young girls think this dance is “as innocent as ballet?” Or do they have a concept of the inherent sexuality in the clothing and movement? And if they could sense the provocative nature of it, what effect does that have on their sexual development, if any?

Give us your thoughts and check back on Thursday for Part Two of this discussion!



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Girls Circle Facilitator Activity Guides-What’s Cookin’? Sexually Charged Pop Culture Permeates an Ever-Younger Demographic – Part Two

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  • 2. Donna  |  May 18, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    I am saddened at how we as a society continue to be desensitized to these issues. I recall a few years back going to a restaurant/bar that had an outdoor patio on the lake. My friend and I were just hoping to relax, eat and drink a bit. We didn’t realize that shortly there would be a karaoke set up. Even so, we laughed and had fun, that is until a young girl around 8 yrs old got up to sing(mind you we were outside in the obvious BAR section) and she sang two Gretchen Wilson songs definitely meant for Adult women with suggestive meaning behind it. I was shocked..shocked that apparently the mother brought her to do this and second that the establishment allowed it.
    Our society continues to desensitize itself on this issue as well as many others. It’s not a moral issue…it’s just those acts are not honoring the female as she should be.
    But then, look who their role models are (see Miley, Brittany, etc)


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